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About Casablanca Cigar Bar

We're more than Cigars. Check out all of our offerings below.

Largest Walk-In Humidor

Both locations have the largest walk-in humidors in WNC offering a large selection of cigars and pipe tobacco.

Accessories & Keeps

From travel humidors, lighters, cutters, Casablanca swag, and more, we have everything you need.

Both locations have dedicated lockers ('Keeps') that can be rented. We also have a free Keep for our local law enforcement.

Tobacco Lounge "Smokeasy"

Relax at the bar or in our comfortable leather lounges while catching the latest game on our large wide screen TVs or just sit back and enjoy the conversation with your friends.

Pipe Tobacco & Cigars

We don't just cater to the cigar aficionado.  We offer wide selection of pipe tobacco as well.

Full Service Bar

Enjoy your tobacco not just with friends but with the finest selection of spirits or craft cocktails, local craft beers and of course, our espresso from our coffee bar.

Space Rental & Special Events

Both locations offer onsite space rental for special occasions. We also provide special event pop-up tent Cigar Bar with Expert Tobacconist for your wedding, celebration, golf tournament and more.  Purchase cigars in advance for special prices.

Consult with our onsite team to make the perfect selection.

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