No, our name is not taken from the classic movie title, it actually derives from our owner Sam Souhail who was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco.

Sam grew up in Casablanca and moved to the states in 2005 with a passion for people and cigars. In 2008 Sam married the love of his life, Brooke. Brooke grew up in North Carolina and went to college in Asheville where she earned a degree in culinary arts. They shared an entrepreneurial spirit and she became not only his wife, but also his business partner. Brooke recently gave birth to their third child and hasn’t missed a beat with her endeavors.

In 2011 Brooke and Sam opened Tobacco Plus in Downtown Asheville with a little bit of money and a lot of hope. Sam and Brooke were the only employees for the first two years of business. They worked long hard days, built a loyal clientele, and truly enjoyed interacting with customers and building relationships in the community. Sam continued to develop his knowledge of cigars and built a small, but well curated walk-in humidor at Tobacco Plus. Sam took his passion for cigars to the next level and immersed himself over the next few years to learn all the nuances of the cigar business.

Sam and Brooke knew that Asheville was primed for huge growth. After visiting the Biltmore area, they were struck with a vision of a luxurious cigar bar that could cater to tourists and locals alike. They decided to take a chance and bring that niche concept to the Asheville area. Casablanca Cigar Bar opened its doors in January of 2017. This endeavor has allowed Sam and Brooke the opportunity to join their passion for cigars and customer service. They were able to create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere where all customers feel a personal connection. Casablanca boasts the largest walk-in humidor in Asheville and the most luxurious environment to enjoy it in. The lounge features cozy leather seating, a full bar featuring top shelf libations, a gas fireplace, personal humidor lockers that rent annually, and a private conference room.

Casablanca Cigar Bar isn’t just about delicious craft cocktails and fine cigars, it’s about community. We have a friendly and knowledgable staff who are always at the ready to converse or provide guidance to maximize your experience.